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Intimate Rose

Medium Silicone Vaginal Dilators - 3-6 sizes

Medium Silicone Vaginal Dilators - 3-6 sizes

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    • The MOST COMFORTABLE Dilators on Earth
    • Used in Academy of Pelvic Health Courses to Train Doctors of Physical Therapy
    • Pelvic Pain Relief for Both Men and Women
    • Perfect with our other health products, including our lube & organic balm.
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    Our medium dilator set includes 4 progressive sizes ranging from 3.7” to 5.6” long and 0.83” to 1.07” wide. Intimate Rose Dilators are the #1 Most Trusted Brand of silicone dilators, and the only FDA registered dilators & 100% BPA Free on the market.

    Designed in the USA by our Pelvic PT who treats patients like you in her clinic. Smooth to insert yet firm enough to hold shape, with exclusive online videos & support.

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