SR surgery

Gentle, safe, discreet care for postsurgery and beyond

We don’t need to tell you that changing your physical sex as an adult by undergoing gender confirmation surgery (aka sex reassignment surgery or genital reassignment surgery) is a huge decision. It takes genuine inner strength to become who you are and we want to congratulate and celebrate you, wherever you are on your journey.

If you’re preparing to take the last step to transition from male to female (MtF) with gender confirmation surgery, The Pelvic Hub can help you take care for yourself after surgery, and help you maintain your neo vagina in the long term.

Written by Emma McGeorge

After Your SRS Surgery

Each person’s experience of MtF gender confirmation surgery— and the recovery that follows— is different. Everyone heals at a different pace. As with any surgery, it’s normal to have symptoms like swelling and soreness.

Vaginas are complex things, and generally higher maintenance than penises. Your neo vagina may be susceptible to yeast infections and urinary tract infections, just like a natal vagina is.

Dilation Therapy for Transgender Patients

After surgery, it’s normal for your body to register your neo vagina as a wound. And similar to with a new piercing, your body will try to heal. Because of this, your neo vagina may start to shrink or develop scar tissue called granulation.

Dilation therapy is an absolute must to keep your neo vagina functional, to minimize scars from forming in your vaginal lining, and to prevent you from losing vaginal depth and width. Usually, MtF transgender patients start using vaginal dilation a few days after surgery and continue to use vaginal dilators, to some degree, for the rest of their lives.

Your surgeon will let you know how to safely use a vaginal dilators, what size to use, and how often you need to employ post-operative vaginal dilation to maintain your neo vagina. If they don’t, you should definitely ask.

Recommended Products for Post-Op Care

We love that these products can help you take care of yourself discreetly from home. However,  we always recommend that you check with your surgeon or physician before using any products on your neo vagina or inside your vaginal opening.

Natural cooling relief

Reusable perineal cooling pads are perfect for cooling the most sensitive and delicate area of your body. Comfortable, cooling and discreet, they are perfect for reducing pain and swelling post-surgery. Also great if you’re prone to yeast infections or urinary tract infections.

Comfortable sitting

You may need a little help sitting without pain in the first few weeks after surgery. A foldable travel pelvic cushion or deluxe foldable travel pelvic cushion are uniquely designed to take the pressure off your neo vagina, helping you sit a little more comfortably.

Gentle, worry-free sex

Using an intimate wearable that allows you to control the depth of penetration into your neo vagina during sex can help you manage any pain you may experience during sexual intercourse. The Ohnut is designed to not just comfortably accommodate penetrative sex but also to feel just like skin. It’s so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it’s there. And because you no longer have to worry about whether penetration will hurt, this wearable allows both you and your partner to focus on what matters most, connection, enjoyment, and fun.

Are you looking for top-of-the-range, world-class transgender dilators?

Intimate Rose’s vaginal dilators were designed by a pelvic floor health physical therapist and are made from a smooth, body safe, medical grade silicone that's 100% BPA free and designed to glide into your neo vagina for more comfortable use during dilator therapy. They are designed to maintain your neo vagina’s integrity and vaginal depth and are recommended by pelvic floor specialists around the world. Not only are the Intimate Rose vaginal dilators more comfortable and easier to use, but they are also the only FDA registered vaginal silicone dilator and are used in the official Academy of Pelvic Health training courses.

They can also be chilled to help with post-surgical swelling, or used at room temperature. Always check with your surgeon or physician before using any dilator in your neo vagina to make sure you have the size, technique and frequency that is safe for your body, as dilation involves inserting into your neo vaginal canal for maintaining vaginal depth. Your doctor can recommend a dilation regimen that will provide you the most support during the healing process and beyond.

Invest in your health and yourself

Gender confirmation surgery is a big investment, and it doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. It’s  important to take gentle care of yourself after surgery and in the long term.