Emma McGeorge

Founder, The Pelvic Hub

The Pelvic Hub was founded by physiotherapist and pilates instructor, Emma McGeorge.

Emma spent years managing her own pelvic health issues, advocating for herself with countless medical professionals and testing almost every product imaginable. She was fed up with the lack of information and genuine support available for people experiencing pelvic health issues and decided it was time something changed— so she created The Pelvic Hub.

As an allied health professional, Emma is totally fascinated by how the body moves and functions. She is a self-confessed nerd and is passionate about supporting people to take control of their pelvic health.

And as a woman who has experienced pelvic pain, Emma knows how important it is to cultivate self-love. She is determined to shine the light on all things pelvic health.  

When she’s not busy testing new products, hunting down the latest research or taking care of her own pelvic health, Emma loves to get out in nature, hang with her family or go out for a coffee with her friends.

She’s here to help, so if you’ve got a burning question or just want to say hi, drop her a line.

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