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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Online Summit

The 25 Ways to Thrive Summit connects breast cancer survivors and carers with information, insight and support for recovery and beyond. Featuring online videos with experts on a whole range of topics.

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Prepare to Push

In this online version of the Prepare To Push workshop you will learn essential information to help you prepare your body for birth and optimize your return to function postpartum. Modules include Introduction The Missing Link The Inner Core How Pregnancy and Birth Affect …

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The Interstitial Cystitis Solution

The IC Solution is the best-selling guide to interstitial cystitis. IC can be confusing, frustrating, & debilitating. This book helps patients create a unique, holistic treatment plan, for best results. Written by Nicole Cozean, the first physio to serve on the Board of Directors of the IC Assoc.

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Tightly Wound film

In this 10-minute short film Shelby Haddon shares her experiences dealing with vaginismus; a pelvic floor condition characterized by involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. She recounts how health professionals failed her, guys rejected her, and anger and shame plagued her body.

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