Affiliate Disclosure

This Affiliate Disclosure lets you know exactly how we may benefit from some of the links on our website, including how we receive compensation from other entities with whom we have entered into affiliate arrangements (or “Affiliate Partners”) arising out of your activities on this Website and their websites.

How affiliate advertising works

1. This Website may contain links to external websites owed by our Affiliate Partners.

2. We have entered into affiliate agreements with our Affiliate Partners, where they pay us compensation depending on your activities.

How we select our Affiliate Partners

3. Our Affiliate Partners are selected by us and nobody else.

4. We may choose to add or remove Affiliate Partners at any time, and we will always updating this Affiliate Disclosure whenever we do.

5. The factors we consider before selecting an Affiliate Partner include:

a) Whether we have personally used or tested the products or services sold by the Affiliate Partner;

b) Whether we would personally recommend the products or services sold by the Affiliate Partner were we not receiving compensation; and

c) Whether we personally agree with the business practices and values adopted by the Affiliate Partner.

6. Whilst we provide links to our Affiliate Partners websites, we do not accept liability in relation to the quality or suitability of the products or services offered by our Affiliate Partners.

How we are compensated

7. We receive a percentage-based monetary commission from our Affiliate Partners. The amount of commission we receive will be calculated as a percentage of any purchases you make whilst on the Affiliate Partner’s website.

8. We do not receive any free or discounted products or services from our Affiliate Partners.

Our Affiliate Partners

9. Our Affiliate Partners currently include:

a) Prepare to Push