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What is the planned c section recovery time?

Written by Emma McGeorge

A guide to planned c-section recovery times

Following a c-section, you’ll probably feel a bit tender. While a C-section is incredibly routine, it’s much like any other major surgery in that it can be hard on your body. And in the days and weeks following a caesarean delivery, your body will need a little extra TLC as it recovers.

How long does it take to recover from a caesarean?

You’ll probably stay in hospital for three to five days following your c-section, although this can change depending on the hospital and surgery outcome. It can then take several weeks or even months to recover fully.

There are a few things you can expect to experience after most caesarean deliveries, including:

  • Pain. It’s totally understandable that you’d be feeling pain after a c-section – after all, it is major surgery. You’ll likely feel pain around the surgical wound and possibly in the uterus, but this should subside after around six weeks.
  • Wound healing. The incision will probably heal in around six weeks.

What can I do to support my body?

The first six weeks following your c-section is an important time to give your body plenty of rest and TLC as they can make a big difference to your body’s ability to fully recover. Here are a few easy ways to soothe your body at home.

Deliver targeted pain relief

If you’re experiencing pain the pelvic area or around your surgical wound, perineal ice packs and heat pads can offer welcome relief and reduce inflammation.

Our TendHer reusable pad by Pariday can be warmed or cooled and applied anywhere on the body, including your incision. 

By the way, if you have pain and swelling in your breasts, we recommend using dedicated gel packs that are designed to slip into your bra. For targeted hot and cold therapy for swollen breasts, the TendHer reusable cooling breast soothers will absolutely do the trick.

Support your abdominal area

A c-section can hit your abdominal area pretty hard, so it’s important to give it some assistance during recovery. An after-pregnancy wrap is designed to support your internal organs while they heal and move back in to place, namely your uterus, which needs time to return to its normal size. We love the Ab wrap from Bellies Inc, which is an adjustable belly wrap perfect for mothers recouping from caesarean delivery.