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What are the benefits of pregnancy belly wraps?

Written by Emma McGeorge

Becoming a mom is a process that’s both incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time. There’s something so inspiring in the sight of a pregnant belly, knowing that there’s a child on the way, but no one ever said that carrying a human being to term and then giving birth was a walk in the park. Ask anyone who’s done it; it’s hard work, and it should be viewed as so!

But despite the many challenges that come with growing a new human, there are a plethora of things that expectant mamas can do to support their body through the process. So tap into your inner strength, remember how powerful you are, and let’s get you the support you need.

Let’s start with the pelvic floor.

It seems obvious to say, but pregnancy and childbirth can be hard on your pelvic floor and core, considering the kind of stress that pregnancy places on your body. Research shows that almost every woman will have some degree of diastasis recti during or after pregnancy. And studies also show that the first eight weeks after your baby is born is when any spontaneous healing of the abdominal wall occurs.

So how do we support ourselves during this crucial period of time? This is the moment to tap into your support system and be honest about the ways that people can best offer their help. Maybe it’s empowering your partner to handle diaper changes or accepting the neighbor’s offer of meal delivery. But in the midst of caring for a new person, there are still significant ways you need to support in your recovery. Your body needs direct support in healing the stresses that it’s been experiencing for the last nine months. 

Harnessing the spontaneous healing time during those first 8 weeks with core support and core retraining can lead to faster recovery times and better core and pelvic floor function down the line, helping you regain the strength and ability that will help you care for your little cutie, as they grow.

Belly Wrapping?

What is the best way to provide your core with this kind of support and retraining? We think belly wrapping is the answer! Specialized belly wrapping delivers targeted relief to your pelvic and abdominal areas while your body is healing. That pregnant belly doesn’t disappear overnight - it takes time to heal! Belly wrapping helps to restore posture and alignment and support your uterus while it returns to its normal size.

Using postpartum wraps after pregnancy wraps help to support the abdominal muscles while they are stretched out and not as strong. A stretchy wrap won’t necessarily cure diastasis recti, but, when used alongside physiotherapy and at-home exercises, belly wrapping can be incredibly helpful to the rehabilitation process.

After pregnancy wraps also allow you to breathe normally and move freely, delivering comfort and relief throughout the restorative phase as your uterus slowly but surely returns to its pre-baby size. This will happen without belly wrapping, but your body most certainly needs all the help it can get.

How does a pregnancy belly wrap work?

Belly wrapping has proven to be effective in supporting your core muscles as they heal after childbirth. Wearing one benefits your pregnant belly immensely as it returns to its pre-baby size, and belly wrapping helps your core feel more secure and supported as you get to know your new baby.

An after pregnancy wrap should be applied from the bottom up so it doesn’t put extra pressure on your uterus and pelvic organs, but supports them instead. A woven wrap should give a light compression, as too much pressure can put strain on your pelvic floor. We also recommend using an after pregnancy wrap with the assistance of a women’s physiotherapist, who can guide you through postpartum recovery and proper belly wrapping techniques.

Can I wear an after-pregnancy wrap if I’ve had a c-section?

Not every baby arrives through the front door. There are all kinds of reasons why your doctor might opt for a c-section - and while you undergo a unique set of stresses through a c-section birth, belly wrapping can still aid in your recovery and help your body return to its natural, pre-baby shape.

That being said, don’t just pick out your favorite stretchy wrap and slip it on! You should always check with your doctor before deciding to use belly wrapping after your baby arrives via c-section, as it might not be suitable if you’ve had complications. However, when used appropriately, belly wrapping can help support your core while you recover from c-section surgery. A belly wrap can make you feel more comfortable in certain situations or positions, and it can also support your ab muscles while they heal. This makes baby wrapping potentially great for all moms, regardless of whether they underwent a natural childbirth or a c-section.

Where can I buy a belly wrap in Australia or New Zealand?

‍Your postpartum belly has gone through a lot. That 100% certified organic baby carrier of yours gets put through the ringer up to and until your baby arrives, and weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles are only natural, no matter how much you prepare beforehand.

Belly wrapping can get that pregnant belly of yours back into healthy shape, providing much needed strength and support to that baby carrier you just used! At The Pelvic Hub, we offer both a belly wrap and a complete system that includes an after-pregnancy wrap and pregnancy tanks as well as an online home exercise program. If you’re looking for the whole postpartum package, we also recommend using perineal ice packs to soothe your lower region and cooling gel pads for breastfeeding