What are the benefits of pregnancy belly wraps?

It seems obvious to say, but pregnancy and childbirth can be hard on your pelvic floor and core. Research shows that almost every woman will have some degree of diastasis recti during or after pregnancy. And studies also show that the first 8 weeks after your baby is born is when any spontaneous healing of the abdominal wall occurs.

Harnessing the spontaneous healing time during those first 8 weeks with core support (aka belly wrapping) and core retraining, can lead to faster recovery times and better core and pelvic floor function down the track.

Specialised after pregnancy wraps deliver targeted relief to your pelvic and abdominal areas while your body is healing. They help to restore posture and alignment and support your uterus while it returns to its normal size.

After pregnancy wraps help to support the abdominal muscles while they are stretched out and not as strong. A belly wrap won’t necessarily cure diastasis recti, but, when used alongside physiotherapy and at-home exercises, it can be incredibly helpful to the rehabilitation process.

After pregnancy wraps also allow you to breathe normally and move freely, delivering comfort and relief throughout the restorative phase.

How does a pregnancy belly wrap work?

An after pregnancy wrap should be applied from the bottom up so it doesn’t put extra pressure on your uterus and pelvic organs, but supports them instead. A pregnancy belly wrap should give a light compression, as too much pressure can put strain on your pelvic floor. We also recommend using an after pregnancy wrap with the assistance of a women’s physiotherapist, who can guide you through postpartum recovery.

Can I wear an after-pregnancy wrap if I’ve had a c-section?

You should check with your doctor before deciding to use a belly wrap after a c-section, as it might not be suitable if you’ve had complications. 

However, when used appropriately, a belly wrap can help support your core while you recover from c-section surgery. A belly wrap can make you feel more comfortable in certain situations or positions, and it can also support your abdominal muscles while they heal.

Where can I buy a belly wrap in Australia or New Zealand?

At The Pelvic Hub, we offer both a belly wrap and a complete system that includes an after-pregnancy wrap and pregnancy tanks as well as an online home exercise program. If you’re looking for the whole postpartum package, we also recommend using perineal ice packs to soothe your lower region and cooling gel pads for breastfeeding

Emma McGeorge

Physiotherapist and pilates instructor, Emma McGeorge is our founder. Emma spent years managing her own pelvic health issues, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.