The story

For more than 10 years, Emily Sauer quietly endured deep dyspareunia (pain during sex), refusing to recognise it as a real physical (and emotional) problem. She was a confident woman and a desirable partner – being “melodramatic” about pain wasn’t in her nature. It didn’t even occur to her that a solution could exist.

Frustrated by an avoidant medical system and realising she was not alone in the challenges she faced, Emily began working tirelessly and collaborating with experts to develop an intimate health wearable (cue pouring silicone in kitchen montage). The response to the product was staggering. Doctors started calling. People she didn’t know started emailing to get access to beta testing. It was both heartbreaking and hopeful to discover that every single one of these people felt like they were struggling alone.

Today the Ohnut is backed by renowned surgeons, pelvic floor physical therapists, and sexual health educators and guided by a medical and scientific advisory board.

The owner

Emily Sauer isn’t just the founder of Ohnut, she is also a proud female entrepreneur, maker, IRL community leader, and sexual health advocate. She co-founded the Lady Bits League, a roundtable of empowering women who are co-creating a deeper understanding of how sexual identity informs our individual and collective lives.

A superstar all-rounder, Emily was previously a Technical Director on high production photo shoots working with revered photographers including Nadav Kander. She gained additional entrepreneurial experience by founding a successful digital equipment rental agency, and due to her reputation for charisma and attention to detail, media corporations, blockbuster brands, and entertainment companies like NBC, Adidas, and Time Magazine hired Emily for her expertise. Emily also gives lectures at the School of Visual Arts and taught kickboxing at Cornell University, where she graduated with a BFA.

The manufacturing process

The Ohnut’s manufacturing facility meets international standards for quality (ISO 9001) which means they have high-functioning quality management processes and systems in place. And they provide a good working environment for employees with fair pay and respectful treatment.