Intimate Rose

The Story

Intimate Rose unfolds its narrative as a brand deeply committed to empowering pelvic health. Their journey is rooted in the creation of innovative pelvic products designed to foster confidence, comfort, and resilience.

The Owner

Guiding Intimate Rose is a dynamic duo - Dr. Amanda Olson, a distinguished expert in pelvic health, and Aaron Wilt, the innovative CEO of Intimate Rose. Their collaboration has given rise to the creation of Intimate Rose dilators and pelvic wands, a testament to their combined vision and commitment to advancing pelvic health solutions.

Dr. Olson's expertise, coupled with Aaron Wilt's inventive spirit, has led to the development of these groundbreaking products. The dilators, pelvic wands, kegel weights, among other products, stand as transformative aids to support and empower millions of women, and men facing pelvic pain. 

The Manufacturing Process

Intimate Rose takes pride in the meticulous manufacturing process that goes into creating each product, proudly made in the USA. With a commitment to excellence, and high-tech facilities adhere to stringent quality controls to ensure that every item meets and exceeds industry standards. This dedication to quality is further underscored by the FDA registration and clearance of Intimate Rose products, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to providing safe and effective solutions for pelvic health. 

How do Dilators from Intimate Rose Work?

Intimate Rose dilators are crafted for effectiveness and comfort. These innovative devices gently and gradually stretch and strengthen pelvic muscles, addressing various pelvic health concerns. The design allows for a personalized experience, enabling individuals to progress at their own pace toward improved pelvic health.

Why Dilators are so Important for Pelvic Health?

Recognizing the crucial role of pelvic health in overall well-being, Intimate Rose focuses on providing solutions for issues such as pelvic pain, vaginismus, and post-surgical recovery. Their commitment goes beyond symptom relief, aiming to empower individuals to regain control of their pelvic health and enhance their overall quality of life.

Intimate Rose Dilator's Hub

Explore the wealth of resources available at the Intimate Rose Dilator's Hub. This hub serves as a knowledge center dedicated to supporting individuals on their pelvic health journey. From expert advice to step-by-step guides, the Dilator's Hub offers valuable insights for those seeking information and guidance on effectively using Intimate Rose dilators.