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Bellies Inc The Ab system

Bellies Inc The Ab system

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  • Bellies Inc

    Ab Wrap system

  • Made in Canada with materials sourced from Canada, China and Taiwan.

  • Made from wooly stretch nylon elastic, a padded lumbar support, and gripper elastic that is made with 27% polyester and 73% rubber (contains latex).


This is the whole shebang! All the tools you need to prepare, recover and restore your core before and after your baby is born.

  • The Core Confidence exercise program for pre and postnatal core work.
  • The Ab wrap which is comfortable and adjustable to provide targeted support where you feel you need it while you restore your core from the inside out.
  • And the Ab tank is silky smooth and breathable, allowing you to comfortably wear anything you want over the top. How good is that?!
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The Ab complete system helps you prepare your core for birth and heal your body from the inside out once your baby is born.

It comes with 1 x black Ab tank, 1 x beige Ab tank and 1 x beige Ab wrap. It also comes with a delicates laundry bag. Wash one Ab tank while you wear the other!

Plus you get free access to the Core Confidence exercise program (online video and downloadable pdf), and a 20 page ebook full of helpful information for your motherhood transition. Including; how pregnancy affects your core and what to do about it, common core dysfunction issues and considerations, information about how to train and maintain your core during pregnancy. The basics to get you through childbirth and tips on postpartum recovery and what to expect.

Once your baby is born your abdomen needs some support while the tissues heal and realign. The first 8 weeks postpartum is the most optimal time to harness this healing process and the Ab complete system is the perfect solution to bring you core confidence for motherhood.

We recommend you purchase your Ab complete system while you are still pregnant so you can start the Core Confidence program and have the Ab tank and wrap to put on immediately postpartum. And we do mean immediately, pack it in your hospital bag so you can take advantage of the most critical healing time for diastasis  recti – the first 8 weeks postpartum.

We strongly advise consulting your physiotherapist throughout your pregnancy. A women’s health physiotherapist is an essential part of your pregnancy and recovery and will help you ensure and you have the ability to generate tension in your abdominal wall correctly- super important ladies!


All the info you could ever need about the Ab wrap sizes is available by clicking on the sizing chart button!

Learn more about the AbSystem from cofounder Kim Vopni: 

How to use the abdominal wrap

It is super important to wrap from the bottom up. Wrapping from top down will increase pressure on the uterus and pelvic organs causing a downward descent. And you already have enough of this stress in labour!

You are aiming for light compression to gently “hug” the belly and allow for involution of the uterus. Too much compression will increase IAP (intra abdominal pressure) and compromise the pelvic floor. As long as you’re breathing comfortably, you’ve done it right.

You should wrap immediately postpartum and for up to 8 weeks, or until you have restored the ability to generate tension in your abdominal wall. A  women’s health physiotherapist is an essential part of your recovery and will help you determine this.

As a final note, please do not purchase  this product if your goal is to flatten your abs. This garment is not a waist trainer but rather a pelvic and lower abdominal support wrap for postpartum recovery or temporary support in movement under the guidance of a physiotherapist.