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Intimate Rose

Flora Bloom Feminine Probiotic for BV

Flora Bloom Feminine Probiotic for BV

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  • Supports Vaginal pH for Odors and Infection Caused by BV
  • Supports Digestion with a Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend
  • Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Delayed Release Capsule For Long-Lasting Results
  • Urinary Tract Support
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Flora Bloom Probiotics for Women contains prebiotics & probiotics designed to promote vaginal pH, digestion, and help avoid bacterial vaginosis. Our delayed-release capsule and prebiotics help the probiotics survive longer. In addition, we added Cranberry and D-Mannose to support urinary tract health.

The unique combination of pre and probiotics are formulated for women to promote better digestion, pH balance, and support for urinary tract infections.

- Improve Vaginal Health Through a Combination of Natural Pre and Probiotics

- Promote a Healthy Balance of Bacteria in Gut

- Boost Immunity, Which May Reduce Risk of Infections

- Optimize Urinary Function

- Safe for Pregnancy & Breast Feeding