Vuvatech vs Intimate Rose Dilators

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Vuvatech Dilators vs Intimate Rose

Vaginal dilators are specially designed medical devices used to reduce anxiety caused by vaginal penetration or dyspareunia, also known as painful sex. But with so many brands and types available, which is the best dilator to choose? In this article, we’ll explore two of the top vaginal dilators on the market. 

VuVatech vs Intimate Rose Dilators: here’s how they compare and how they differ. 

What Are Vaginal Dilators Used For? 

The main purpose of vaginal dilators is to minimize pain during vaginal penetration by slowly and gently stretching the vaginal tissues, muscles, and any existing scar tissue. Whether for more comfortable tampon insertion, less anxiety during pelvic exams, or pain-free sex, dilators increase blood flow to the vaginal tissues, promote natural lubrication, and aim to make penetration a more pleasurable experience. 

Regularly recommended for women coping with vaginismus, vulvodynia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and dyspareunia, vaginal dilators are also helpful for those recovering from a pelvic injury, vaginal surgery, cervical cancer, or radiation treatment.

Teenage anxiety about the first sexual experience, trauma after sexual abuse, and vaginal dryness during menopause can also impact the vaginal muscle memory and result in anxiety surrounding vaginal penetration.

Are There Different Types of Vaginal Dilators?

Several different brands and types of dilators are available, all of which are made from either hard plastic or medical-grade silicone. And although comparisons between different types are useful for research, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider as to whether the dilator you aim to buy is the right type for you. 

That said, patients starting with vaginal dilator therapy commonly start with the smallest size dilator, which typically has the diameter of a slim pinky finger, and work their way up to the largest dilator, which is typically the size of an erect penis. Considering this, healthcare practitioners would generally advise buying a complete set of dilators as opposed to just one.  

VuVatech vs Intimate Rose Dilators: How They Compare

Although different in many ways, VuVatech and Intimate Rose dilators were both designed by women who suffered from a form of pelvic dysfunction in their own lives. Dr. Amanda Olson designed the Intimate Rose Dilators when she experienced pelvic trauma after an accident and now specializes in providing pelvic health physiotherapy to others. Tara Langdale Schmidt, after suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, designed the VuVatech Dilators with advice from pelvic floor physiotherapists. 

Vuvatech and Intimate Rose dilators are both made with body-safe medical-grade materials. Both brands also sell dilator sets of progressively increasing sizes to encourage the pelvic muscles and vaginal tissues to stretch gently and gradually. 

For your privacy, both brands also use discreet shipping. 

Vuvatech vs Intimate Rose - The Differences?

While both types of dilators are used to relax and stretch tight vaginal muscles for more comfortable penetration, there are some notable differences between Vuvatech and Intimate Rose. Under the four most important categories when it comes to vaginal dilators, we’ve outlined the differences below. 


Although both brands offer a wide variety of sizes, they vary slightly in that a set of dilators from Vuvatech includes only 7 sizes and Intimate Rose includes 8. 

Measurement-wise, they also differ. Intimate Rose dilators start at 0.45 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches long to 1.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches long. Whereas Vuvatech dilators begin at 0.375 inches in diameter and 4 inches long to 1.625 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches long.   

An added factor that customers mention when it comes to sizing is that each different size of the Intimate Rose dilator set has a different color, which makes it easier to remember which dilator you are using. Because VuVatech dilators are all the same color, selecting the correct one as you progress through your dilator therapy makes it a little more challenging.   


Because dilators are designed to work inside the vagina it is important for a brand to be registered and compliant with the FDA. Intimate Rose dilators are one of the few brands on the market to be registered and compliant with the FDA. In the case of Vuvatech dilators, hard medical-grade plastic is used for both their non-magnetic and magnetic dilators, whereas Intimate Rose dilators are made with soft and smooth medical-grade silicone.  


According to customer reviews, plastic dilators feel firm and rigid in comparison to the soft and more flexible silicone dilators. The Intimate Rose dilators are noted to be silky smooth and soft but firm enough to be highly effective for dilation. Users also noted that Intimate Rose dilators made from medical-grade silicone felt more ‘life-like’ and comfortable when inserted into the vagina. In fact, one reviewer declared “the comfort level of silicone dilators is through the roof compared to their plastic counterparts!”

Dr. Amanda Olson also confirms that Intimate Rose dilators were specifically designed with a matte-finish medical-grade silicone to protect delicate skin and sensitive scar tissue inside the vagina. This is especially important for people who have undergone surgery or radiation treatment to protect the delicate skin in the vagina. 

Additionally, many customers comment that the silicone dilators from Intimate Rose are easier to hold once lubrication is applied, in contrast to the plastic dilators from Vuvatech, which are often described as slippery to grasp with lubrication.  


Despite including one more dilator in a set than VuVatech, Intimate Rose dilators are cheaper, costing $189.99 for a set of 8 dilators in contrast to $198 for a set of 7 Magnetic dilators from Vuvatech.   

Purchasing individual dilators is also cheaper from Intimate Rose with prices ranging from $16.99 for the smallest and $44.99 for the largest. In contrast, individual dilators from VuVatech range from $22 for the smallest and $65 for the largest.  


Vaginal dilators, also known as vaginal trainers, are specially designed medical tools to help relax, stretch, and restore elasticity to the vaginal tissues in order to relieve pain and anxiety during penetration. There are many brands and types of vaginal dilators available, some made of plastic and others made from silicone. 

To understand the differences between Vuvatech plastic dilators and Intimate Rose silicone dilators, consider our guide above and go with what feels best for you.  

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