BioMoi Silicone Dilators vs Intimate Rose

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BioMoi vs Intimate Rose

Vaginal dilators are recommended for gently stretching vaginal tissues and muscles to alleviate tightness during penetration and/or painful sex. Often used as a form of pelvic therapy after childbirth, during menopause, or when recovering from pelvic surgeries, dilators are designed to gradually relieve vaginal discomfort, dryness, and pain, allowing women to reclaim their sexual pleasure. 

Although widely available for online purchase, vaginal dilators can differ vastly when it comes to pricing, comfort, and effectiveness, depending on size options and the material from which they are made.  In this article, we’ve outlined the similarities and differences between BioMoi silicone dilators and Intimate Rose silicone dilators.  

How Do Vaginal Dilators Help? 

Made in a tubular shape of progressively increasing widths and lengths, vaginal dilators are designed to slowly stretch vaginal tissues and gradually improve vaginal elasticity to reduce discomfort during penetration (vaginismus) and pain during sex (dyspareunia). 

By beginning with the insertion of the smallest dilator in a set, which is typically the size of a pinkie finger, patients become used to the feeling of vaginal penetration in a gentle and effective manner. As the dilator sizes increase throughout dilator therapy, blood flow through the vaginal tissues improves, natural lubrication is elevated, vaginal dryness is alleviated and muscle flexibility is incrementally improved. 

Vaginal dilators are not just about enjoying pain-free sex, however, they also offer healing support after pelvic or vaginal surgery & cancer treatments. Practicing vaginal dilator therapy after pelvic surgery, a hysterectomy, radiation treatment for cervical cancer, and transgender surgery, for example, helps to prevent the development of scar tissue and re-train the vaginal and pelvic muscles during recovery. 

BioMoi Silicone Dilators v’s Intimate Rose Dilators 

When searching online for the best vaginal dilators, pelvic health practitioners advise their patients to carry out research under four categories – material from which the dilator is made, size options, comfort, and pricing. To help with your research, we’ve outlined the differences and similarities between BioMoi dilators and Intimate Rose dilators under these four categories below. 


BioMoi and Intimate Rose vaginal dilators are both made from medical-grade silicone that is considered soft, flexible, and comfortable by customers. Although the matte finishing on Intimate Rose dilators is often described by customers as less sticky than other silicone dilators. 

An additional feature that is regularly promoted in connection with BioMoi dilators is an antimicrobial coating that promises to protect the vagina from harmful bacteria. While this extra feature might explain why BioMoi is one of the most expensive dilators on the market, washing any silicone dilator with a simple combination of warm water and fragrance-free soap also ensures the removal of any harmful bacteria after use.

Size Options

Essentially, a range of measurements and size options are of significant importance when it comes to gently stretching tight vaginal muscles over time. BioMoi and Intimate Rose Dilators are two brands that understand this importance, but while they both sell sets of progressively increasing sizes (in diameter and length), the set from Intimate Rose includes eight dilators, while BioMoi offers only six. 

Even though two fewer dilators in a set might seem irrelevant upon comparison, the two extra dilators in the Intimate Rose set can make all the difference when healing such a sensitive part of the female body. Measurement-wise, for example, Intimate Rose dilators range from 0.45 to 1.5 inches in diameter, whereas BioMoi dilators range from 0.68 inches to 1.43. 

Even though it might seem irrelevant, the 0.23-inch diameter increase in BioMoi’s smallest dilator could result in more initial discomfort for many patients beginning dilator therapy. Another notable factor to consider when it comes to dilator size options is that the more dilators included in a set, the less difference in size when moving from a smaller dilator to the next. This means less pain and less time is required to feel comfortable upon inserting the next size dilator.     


When it comes to comfort, both BioMoi and Intimate Rose dilators receive positive customer reviews that include the words soft, comfortable, effective, and easy to use. Perhaps a bonus for Intimate Rose dilators is that their matte finishing is reportedly even softer against sensitive vaginal skin and scar tissue. 


Price-wise Intimate Rose dilators, whether purchased as a set or bought individually, prove to be more value for money. For example, at Intimate Rose, a set of eight dilators in progressively increasing sizes is sold for $179.99 with individual dilators ranging in price from $16.99 for the smallest to $44.99 for the largest. 

At BioMoi, a set of 5 dilators in progressively increasing sizes is sold for $154.99 with individual sizes ranging in price from $34.99 for the smallest to $59.95 for the largest. 


By slowly stretching tight vaginal muscles, vaginal dilators help to reduce anxiety or discomfort surrounding vaginal penetration, as well as vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Also known as vaginal trainers, dilators help to re-train vaginal muscles after childbirth, pelvic surgery, cervical cancer treatments, and conditions linked to the female genitals and pelvic floor.  

Although there are several types and brands of dilators available for purchase online, not all of them are equally effective and some are inexplicably more expensive than others. In this article, we discussed the differences and similarities between BioMoi silicone dilators and Intimate Rose silicone dilators. 


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