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Temperature Therapy Pelvic Wand

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Medical-grade silicone

It can be heated with warm tap water or cooled in the freezer.

The Temperature Therapy Pelvic Wand boasts a velvety-smooth, medical-grade silicone exterior and a one-of-a-kind design, meticulously crafted to access all areas of the pelvic floor. It was developed by a pelvic physical therapist with a focus on harnessing the calming effects of warm and cool temperature therapy to alleviate trigger points within pelvic floor muscles.

  • This versatile wand can be heated with warm tap water or cooled in the freezer to provide soothing temperature therapy for pelvic muscle relief.
  • Its silky smooth medical-grade silicone ensures a comfortable and gentle experience during both insertion and removal.
  • Maintaining the same size and shape as our other pelvic wands, it stands as an ideal choice for pelvic pain relief.
  • Distinguished by its yellow color, this wand is designed to provide support to individuals dealing with endometriosis.

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