Wet Stuff

Ready Silicone bodyglide capsules

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Wet Stuff
Ready silicone body glide 60 silicone capsules per pack, 1500MG each capsule
Parabens, glycols, petrochemicals and mineral oils, cyclopentasiloxane (D5), cyclotetrasiloxane (D4)
Made in Australia with ingredients sourced in the USA. Blended and packed in Australia to international standards.
100% medical grade dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclomethicone in a soft gelatine/glycerine capsule

This lube lasts for a loooonnnng time (because we know you’re here for a good time and for a long time).Pop it in 15 minutes before you’re ready to get down so there’s no mucking around with lube when the timing is right. The capsules will dissolve, releasing the bodyglide when it is needed. Specifically formulated for people who really struggle with dryness during intimacy (and recommended to us by health care professionals!).

Wet Stuff Silicone bodyglide is a very long lasting and original formulation. It moisturises the skin for extended

pleasure, giving a long lasting fluid feel

Once inserted, the capsules dissolve, releasing the lubricant where it is needed. It’s perfect for people with really persistent dryness to help make intimate moments stress-free and super comfortable. 

It’s also:

compatible with condoms

✓  non-harmful if ingested

✓  slippery under water

✓  colourless, odourless, tasteless

✓  preservative-free

In fact, it’s so long lasting it can stay put for up to two days! So make sure whether you need to reapply before going again ;)

How to use

  • For Vaginal use, insert one capsule at least 15 minutes before sex
  • For rectal use, insert one capsule 30 minute before sex, using anal lubricant to begin.
  • For immediate use, make a small cut across the end of the capsule before insertion, so the lubricant is available more quickly.

How to store

Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

How to clean

Wash off in a soapy shower after use. 

Absorb spills immediately with a paper towel and wash from fabric or surfaces with hot soapy water. 


If you are prone to vaginal infections or bacterial vaginosis we recommend you consulting your doctor and opting for a quick drying water based or quick drying silicone based lube instead. 

Avoid use with silicone toys. Read the full label before use. 

Only use as directed. 

If irritation occurs, discontinue use; if it persists, consult a doctor.