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How to avoid painful intercourse?

Written by Emma McGeorge

For many women painful intercourse (also known as dyspareunia) may be unavoidable. But the good news is that there are many things you can do to help manage and minimise the pain. 

Getting the right treatment can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! It all depends on the cause of the pain and often involves a holistic approach. so you can bring sexual connection, intimacy and joy back into your life.

Speak up 

If you’re experiencing any pain during intercourse, make sure you see your doctor to check for underlying conditions – especially if the pain is coming from deep in your pelvis. The more information you can give your doctor the better. What activities or time of day trigger pain? What does it feel like? What have you found that makes it better. If you’re a little embarrassed it can help to imagine you are describing a sore ankle or shoulder. And if the first person you see doesn’t support you or take your problems seriously, get a second opinion. 

Work with your partner

Communicate openly with your partner so they work with you to explore activities that feel good. If you need to go slow or change positions, say so! Extending foreplay or engaging in non-penatrative activities like sensual massage or oral sex can be beneficial and loads of fun for both of you. Remember, sex isn’t just about penetration, it’s about connection and intimacy.

Avoid dryness

A good lubricant can quickly become your best friend in your journey to pain free sex. With the swipe of a finger you can address dryness quickly and skip any frustration. If you’re looking for natural, nourishing lubes we’ve got you covered <link to lubricants in store>. 

Control penetration

Safely control and explore how deep your partner or toy can penetrate with the Ohnut. A customizable, soft, comfortable and non-intrusive ring that sits at the base of the shaft or toy and allows you to choose how deep you go. 

Ease into it

Vaginal dilation therapy could be an option to explore with your doctor or pelvic health physiotherapist. With dilation therapy you slowly stretch the vaginal walls to increase elasticity and decrease sensitivity. Our silicone dilators are premium, beautifully-made and safe. And you can use them cooled or warmed for extra comfort.