Soul Source

The story

Soul Source has been a family owned and operated company since forever. And at The Pelvic Hub we feel incredibly lucky to be able to bring their awesome products to you.

In 1990, sex therapist and gynaecologist Jillian Romm founded Soul Source. Working with an ob-gyn colleague, Jillian set out to design the kind of therapeutic tools she wanted for her clients; vaginal dilators for progressive dilation therapy that were well made and didn’t look like sex toys.

And so she created Soul Source; one-of-a-kind vaginal dilators with the texture of natural body tissue that could be warmed or chilled for ultimate comfort. Dilators made from premium quality materials and finished to the highest standards. Dilators beautifully presented in pastel colours so women could feel good about using them.

In 2004, Jillian’s brother-in-law took over Soul Source and in 2012, Jillian’s cousin Jane bought the company and moved the offices to Los Angeles and the manufacturing to Anaheim, California.

Soul Source has distributors in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Israel, Indonesia and now, thanks to The Pelvic Hub, Australia and New Zealand.

‍“Many years ago, I was frustrated with the types of vaginal dilators available for women. Some gynecologists used test-tubes of varying size, but that is dangerous because glass can break. Medical device dilators were made of stiff materials and were shaped like a penis. The most common set we used were also black. Women took one look at them, and I knew they would end up on the closet shelf. I wrote to a company that made sex toys and was into women-centered products. I told them we needed dilators in pastel colors, not shaped like a penis, not rock hard, and easy to clean. I never heard back from them, but years later, I heard about Soul Source dilators. Whether or not they ever saw my letter, they had created just what I imagined. I sent their flyer to one of our gynecologists at UT MD Anderson’s Gynecologic Oncology Care Center, and we have stocked them ever since.” - Leslie R. Schover, PhD, Will2Love

‍The owners

She sounds like a New Yorker but she calls LA home, Jane Silverstein owns and operates Soul Source with her best friend, business partner and husband of 36 years, Lloyd.

Together they have two grown sons who know more about menopause, vaginas and dilators than any 20-something young man ever need know!

Jane is passionate about helping women who have lost touch with their sexuality to get their mojo back. She and Lloyd love to travel and spend time with friends and their large extended family. And as if they weren’t busy enough, they also care for rescue dogs.

The manufacturing process

Soul Source dilators are manufactured in California, USA with materials produced in the United States. They are created in a specially designed clean room and are made of medical grade materials free from latex. Obsessed with creating the highest quality product, Soul Source employees wash and hand inspect every single dilator before packaging it up for shipping.

Soul Source are committed to using environmentally sustainable processes and materials wherever possible. They use shipping materials that are recyclable or biodegradable— their packing material is made from a vegetable starch that dissolves in water! Jane even drives an electric hybrid and Lloyd’s garden flourishes from their compost.

At any time you can find workers ranging from 30 to 87-years-old in the Soul Source factory and offices, with Lloyd’s Mum helping out for a few hours each week.

The global community

Soul Source has a deep commitment to helping women around the world. Jane has a passion for helping refugees in the Congo and Dafur. And Soul Source has developed relationships with uro-gynaecologists and ob-gyns in African countries including Malawi, Sudan, Ethiopia and Nigeria to donate dilators to women needing fistula repair.

In first-world countries fistulas are an extremely rare condition, but in countries where women give birth to their babies in remote villages far from the resources required for an emergency c-section, fistulas are a far more common occurrence.

Fistulas are a serious medical complication that can happen during childbirth. The baby’s head compresses the soft tissues of the pelvis, resulting in areas of dead tissue that ultimately lead to a hole between the bladder and/or rectum and the vagina. The baby dies ninety-five percent of the time, and women are left leaking urine or stool from their vagina.

Vaginal dilators after surgery can help to correct a fistula and can support women to regain their sexual function.

Ethiopian women after receiving treatment through the Footsteps to Healing Foundation.
Photo credit: Joni Kabana Photography

One of Jane’s favorite things to do at medical conferences is to ask exhibiting lubricant companies to donate their remaining samples at the end of the event that are then donated along with Soul Source dilators to communities in Africa.

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