Pelvic Pain Solutions

EndoFEMME pelvic therapy pads

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Pelvic Pain Solutions
Pelvic therapy heat pad
Made in the USA with materials produced in the USA
Made from anti-pilling, breathable fleece with a velcro strap

We love the design of the EndoFEMM® therapy pad. It has built in straps to give you a custom fit so you can get on with life while you take care of yourself. Hello freedom! Use it warmed or chilled and wear it however you want; forwards to treat your pelvic area or reverse to address lumbar and coccyx pain. You can even wear it on your shoulders and neck. Versatility, tick!

The EndoFEMM® therapy pad is designed to wrap your aching pelvis in a warm and cozy hug. You can also use it chilled! Whatever your body needs, EndoFEMM® has you covered.

The two 38 cm straps are designed to hold the pad upright and close to the body for hot/cold transfer. And they can be adjusted to fit a diameter of 71 to 101 cm.

The EndoFEMM® was designed to use with flax seeds because of their unique moist heat properties. Your EndoFEMM® comes empty, which means you can choose your own filling (e.g. corn, rice, barley, cherry pits etc And keep your pad fresh as a daisy by throwing the cover in the wash whenever you need.

How does EndoFEMM® help?

EndoFEMM® delivers targeted heat therapy to your pelvic area. Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow, soothing discomfort, and increasing tissue extensibility. Heat therapy can help relieve muscle spasms, relax and soothe muscles,help with healing and decrease pain.

EndoFEMM® can help to manage the pain and symptoms associated with a huge range of conditions, including (but definitely not limited to!):

  • endometriosis
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • nerve pain
  • lower back pain / sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
  • piriformis syndrome
  • iliopsoas syndrome
  • menstrual pain
  • bladder disorders ie interstitial cystitis
  • bowel disorders ie irritable bowel syndrome
  • post surgery (c-section, hysterectomy etc)

You can also use your EndoFEMM® chilled to provide targeted cold therapy to your pelvic area. Cold therapy works by reducing blood flow, which can reduce the inflammation and swelling that causes pain. It also makes the area slightly numb which can help relieve pain and itching.

EndoFEMM® can be used chilled:

  • During and after pregnancy
  • To treat post-operative soreness and aid recovery
  • To relieve nerve pain
  • To reduce inflammation and pain after physical activity
  • To aid recovery from an acute injury in the area

How to use your EndoFEMM®

The following instructions are based on using flax seeds and may differ based on the amount and type of filling you use.

To heat:

  • Fold pelvic pad into thirds
  • Place pad in the microwave
  • Use the rotating carousel feature in order to avoid overheating the pad and ensuring even distribution of heat
  • Average heating time is 2 minutes based on standard microwave temperatures; however, we highly suggest 30-second intervals

To cool:

  • Place pelvic pad in a freezer ziplock bag overnight on the top shelf in the freezer
  • Pad will provide a deep, cooling sensation, not an icy-cold sensation.

How to care for your EndoFEMM®

You can either hand wash your EndoFEMM® or pop it on a gentle cycle (cold water only) and hang it out to dry (no dryers please).


EndoFEMM® is not recommended for infants, people with circulation issues, or people who are sensitive to heat.

Consult with your doctor before applying pad to the body.

Do not leave the pad in the microwave unattended.